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 Vicente Hair

11651 San Vicente Blvd., Brentwood  CA  90049  


Rental hair station available for local stylists.

Disinfecting after each client.

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Since 2000, Vicente Hair is catering patrons in Brentwood... My seal of quality in all of my services, is my signature. We pamper our clients with the most customized services of hair. Pop in today and see what we can do for you. And on June 2023, independently I joined Juan Juan Salon

 Parking is located behind the salon on Darlington/ Barrington.

Every day:  8am to ....

Each hair do is done by our best stylists.

Learn what we can do for you and how to maintain your hair at home.


Cut & Style

Precision long layering presented here



Transformation of dark brown to any other lighter tonne without showing

unwanted pigment.


Hi-Lighting, Balayage,Ombre

from a single hair on the crown to a mass of light or darker color on the ends, is the definition of Ombre.


Brazilian, Keratin,(many brands), Japanese Relaxer

Look closely to the texture, that's the result after brazilian keratin with us.


Gentleman grooming

Modern young executive look or classic fade barbering, are done by our experienced stylists.

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We have a large selection of hair treatments, botanical, oil, enzyme or silicon base. It takes 15~45 minutes.



Do you want big hair do or slick and smooth. We can do it.

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Gloss sealer,Toner

When you get a sealer gloss after your coloring service, not only you add more shine lasting for up to 30 shampooing, but also are extending longevity of your coloring.



Fashion has its own rhythm. Perms are coming back, either a body wave to add volume to your hair or a spiral curl.

Contact Us!

Most people come to us for many years from our neighborhood, and those who move away, come back to us whenever they're in town. Occasionally, online reviews introduce us to new people. Call us today to have a consultation or simply to get a blow dry style which last you 5-7 days, as a trial. Please call: 310.820.4255 or drop an email to

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